No Stone Unturned: Exploring Perceptions of Wilderness

No Stone Unturned: Exploring Perceptions of Wilderness brought together five established artists who explore anthropocentric notions of the wild: Lissie Cowley, Mike Dodd, Alec Finlay, Melanie King & Jade Jamean Lees. With each artist focusing on a different aspect of wilderness particular to their practice, the exhibition introduced themes of anxiety and fear towards the unknown, ecological issues caused by mankind, notions of tourism and media misrepresentation of nature and the way language attempts to make sense of the wild.

This exhibition presented artworks which range from video and photography, to installation and literature, tied together within Nunns yard through their linking themes. No Stone Unturned, and the accompanying publication, complied the artist’s visions and thoughts, along with those from other fields such as land history and environmental science.